Bearing Witness

by Billy Shore

2016: Our forthcoming podcast on sharing your strength!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


In recent years we have become a food obsessed culture, with chefs emerging as celebrities, cooking competitions dominating TV ratings, and restaurants becoming travel destinations in their own right. But as much as food has become a source of great pleasure and celebration, we are also learning more about how intertwined it is with our health, environment, educational achievement, sustainability, and quality of life. 
            In 2016 I’ll be launching a podcast based on a series of three-way conversations that explore the connections between food and so many other matters important to our lives.
Each of the conversations will include a social change agent and someone from the culinary world – a chef, restaurateur, or food entrepreneur –  and affords an opportunity to think in an even more expansive way about the role food plays in in social change. Why did Jose Andres end up working with the UN Foundation in Haiti?  Why is James Beard award nominee Bryan Voltaggio spending time not only in the kitchen but in elementary schools, and testifying before the state legislature?
Today, more than ever, the salad you eat, or the steak you carve, may have broader implications for your hometown or reaching halfway around the globe.  If you want to understand that better, if you want to do something about it, look for our forthcoming conversations.  
Recording With Mike McCurry and Seth Goldman