Bearing Witness

by Billy Shore

A powerful, living, breathing reminder of what’s at stake with our No Kid Hungry campaign

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


As much fun as it is to be with Jeff Bridges and do Hardball and CNN interviews and see all of the great press from the Virginia launch of No Kid Hungry etc. I have to say that the most valuable part of yesterday for me was to sit on stage at Barcroft Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia while Jeff Bridges and Tom Vilsack and Governor McDonnell were talking and look out at those kids as a living, breathing reminder of what we’ve committed to do, and how much is at stake in our holding ourselves to the highest possible standard of accountability.
The kids were really beautiful in their diversity and energy and playfulness.  But we all know that in just a few short years some of them will likely be compromised educationally and developmentally by one or another of the myriad consequences of growing up in a low income environment and being short-changed the social services they need and deserve.   So in a strange way, instead of being tired after two long days, I was energized by the responsibility our team has had the courage to undertake – and the knowledge that we’ve developed the gift of pulling disparate interests and people together in ways few other organizations have. If we can keep up the pace we’ve set, and somehow increase it (as only the imaginations of unreasonable men and women would contemplate) we could change the trajectory these kids would otherwise be fated to follow – and set an example for others as well.