A Time of Growth for Community Wealth Ventures

 Community Wealth Ventures, a subsidiary of Share Our Strength, devoted to helping nonprofits and businesses create community wealth, is poised for its next phase of growth. Here are a few excerpts from a new prospectus going out to potential investors this week:

“This document presents an opportunity to invest in Community Wealth Ventures’ (CWV)
growth plan. Support of this plan will enable investors to have a transformative impact on a
broad range of the most entrepreneurial organizations leading social change efforts in areas
such as education, health, poverty and the arts. CWV’s sharp focus on scale and
sustainability, two issues at the center of cutting-edge philanthropy today, means a return
on investment that is highly leveraged against organizations with proven track records of
impact and accountability. Investing in CWV’s growth is equivalent to investing in a mutual fund that supports the growth of high-performing ventures characterized by innovation, impact and leadership.”

“Today, CWV is a robust management consulting firm that emboldens and equips leadership
teams to innovate, grow and sustain organizations that build a better world. CWV is based on a
simple premise: Social sector organizations have effective solutions to the problems that
challenge communities, such as those related to education, healthcare and employment. What
they don’t always have are the strategies needed to sustain and increase impact over the long
term, and ultimately, to solve these problems on the scale that they exist.”

“CWV addresses this gap by partnering with its clients to design and implement market-based approaches to growth and sustainability, with core expertise in community wealth creation. Its market-based methodology emphasizes the use of market data and analysis to inform decision-making. Unlike other consulting firms, its collaborative and practical approach focuses on equipping leadership teams with the skills needed to support the execution of the strategy. Its unique incorporation of these various elements in its work has proven to spark innovation, highlight new opportunities, and create truly transformational change and improvement for its clients.”

“Proven by its success in implementing its new strategy over the last year and a half, CWV is
poised to increase its impact and to achieve the following:

• Dramatically increase the innovation, sustainability and growth in the sector to meet
escalating community needs;

• Double its annual revenues, moving from $1.9M to $3.9M by fiscal year 2014; and

• Realize a 12 percent profit margin by fiscal year 2014, allowing the organization to

internally generate cash to help support sustainable investments in its own future ability

to deliver impact.”

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