Bearing Witness

by Billy Shore

“Cost to Society Incalculable” says Hartford Courant op-ed endorsement of No Kid Hungry

Sunday, March 27, 2011


While I was on vacation last week during my son’s spring break (so I take no credit for what follows) our team did an excellent job of launching No Kid Hungry in yet another state; this time Connecticut with newly elected Governor Dan Malloy. The Hartford Courant ran an important editorial focusing on an angle that rarely gets the attention it deserves, which is the long-term economic consequences and costs to society of letting children go hungry. I thought you’d find it of interest and include the link below.

The editorial concludes: “The cost of having children go hungry — or feeding them overly processed, filling-but-not-healthy meals — is nearly incalculable. How do you measure a generation’s lifelong loss of income due to a lack of mental development brought on by a lack of good food? How do you measure what that lost generation could have contributed to the greater society? Either way, there’s always a bill coming due. We can pay now, or we can pay much, much more later.”

We are pleased with the success so far in bringing childhood hunger into the national conversation, and in redefining why it is in the interest of policymakers and average citizens (and taxpayers) alike to get behind our No Kid Hungry strategy.,0,4544896.column