Bearing Witness

by Billy Shore

Curating Our Podcast: Add Passion and Stir 2.0

Tuesday, May 07, 2019


Add Passion and Stir is now more than two years old.  We’ve learned a lot.  Including how hard it is to keep up with a weekly podcast – even as a listener – let alone preparing, recording and promoting every week.  Consequently, we are going to transition to a more conventional mode of several 8-10 episode “seasons” per year with periods of hiatus in between. The first hiatus will be this summer during which we will not release new episodes but rather encourage listeners to catch up on past episodes they missed. This way the podcast will take less time and we’ll have greater capacity to promote it.

The podcast began as an exploration of the connection between food and the many other issues important in our lives – our health, the environment, education, even national security.  But as we delved deeper into the life stories of our accomplished guests we saw the richness in the personal and leadership lessons they shared. Many revealed the degree to which they had achieved the success that eluded them only when finding the courage to pursue their true passion.  We also mined leadership lessons from everyone from Senators to CEO’s. I’m especially proud of the many heartfelt discussions about race, equity and inclusion, and inspiring testimonials to overcoming adversity.

Looking back on more than 120 episodes and at least 250 remarkable guests, I’ve come to appreciate how much intellectual content has been generated. I’ve also realized there might be value to our listeners, current and prospective – to sorting and curating episodes into some of the categories below.  I’ll keep an updated list of “Best of Add Passion and Stir” groupings on our blog at  We’ve tried to curate so that instead of spending time looking for the best episodes, you can spend your time listening to them.


Five of our most popular episodes:

Arianna Huffington:

Ron Shaich;  founder of Panera

Pink, after her 100 mile ride for Chefs Cycle: Pink,  Going the Distance for America’s Hungry Kids

Soupergirl founder Sara Poulon and Community Wealth Partners CEO Amy Celep on Driving Culture and Staying True to Your Beliefs

Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell and Danny Meyer

Leadership lessons on Add Passion and Stir:

Founder of Panera, Ron Shaich

Senator Jeanne Shaheen

Tom Vilsack on The Fight to Save Our Democracy

Jim McGovern

Social change pioneer Bill Novelli and chef Erik Bruner-Yang on Moving The Mountain: Marketing Social Change and Making it Last

America’s most iconic chefs on Add Passion and Stir:

Jonathan Waxman

Stephan Pyles

Rose Previte on opportunity/

Jose Andres

Alex Guarnaschelli

Mary Sue Milliken

Three courageous conversations on race, equity and inclusion, on Add Passion and Stir, with

Douglass Williams and Robert Lewis Jr

Jim Wallis and Michael Schlow

Chef Tracy Chang and Glynn Lloyd  on How Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Can Drive Profit

Best of Add Passion and Stir about food and national security

U.S. Army Lieutenant General Mark Hertling (retired) and Air Force Master Sergeant Jennifer Medeiros on Unfit For Service: Food As A Matter of National Security

Former Secretary of the Army Louis Caldera

Courageous Cooks: Overcoming Adversity

Flynn McGarry

Andrew Zimmern on Confronting Addiction’s Demons

Adele Fabrikant of Teach For America on What Doesn’t Break You Makes You Stronger (with chef Seth Wells from Rose’s Luxury

Strategies for Ending Childhood Hunger

Bill Telepan,  Fighting For Fresh Food in NYC Schools

Chef Jody Adams on the Cure for Ending Childhood Hunger

Irwin Redliner, This is Your Brain on Hunger

Former VA First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe

Bridging the World’s Divides

Ophelia Dahl, Partners in Health

Pierre Ferrari, The Heifer Project, Bringing Dignity to Poor Communities

Carmen Burbano of the World Food Program and Chef Floyd Cardoz,  The Whole World is Watching: New Ideas In the Fight Against Hunger

Excellence in the Nonprofit Sector

Marc Friedman

Michael Brown, co-founder of City Year, Cutting Through Politics: The Importance of Service

Jeff Bradach on When Good Is Not Good Enough: The Moral Imperative of Scaling Impact

Our Favorite Celebrities

Rick Russo, Pulitizer Prize winning author,

Pink,  Going the Distance for America’s Hungry Kids

Jose Andres

Fixing Our Food System So That it Works for All

John Piotti American Farmland Trust

Eric Kessler, Vote With Your Wallet to Fix Our Broken Food System

Mary Sue Milliken and Sam Polk