Why should Americans care about hunger around the world? World Food Program USA President and CEO Barron Segar and food and lifestyle personality Sandra Lee join Debbie and Billy Shore to talk about the importance of combatting hunger around the world. “Food is a basic vaccination against chaos. When you don’t have food, you have increased unrest and conflict. Maybe we don’t have a vaccination against COVID, but we certainly have a vaccination against starvation,” observes Lee. Segar agrees, based on his work in Ethiopia on the South Sudanese border. “I saw so many kids and moms and grandmothers that were fleeing violence to stay alive. I saw how they walked for days and weeks… I saw how food literally brought a child and a mom back to life,” he says. “I will never forget these kids and moms looking me in the eye and just so appreciative of what [we] were doing to keep them alive.”

 “I was raised on welfare and food stamps. It’s important to remember where you come from, and when you come from a place like that, I think you need to give back,” says Lee about her long-time focus on fighting hunger. “Everybody listening to this show has a voice, but not everybody in the world has a voice. So be the voice for those that are not being heard,” urges Segar.

 Join us for this enlightening conversation about the worsening hunger crisis around the world and how we can solve it.

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