How do we help the most vulnerable build on their own strengths? Families in Transition-New Horizons founder and president Maureen Beauregard and Moxy chef and owner Matt Louis join host Billy Shore for the second live episode recorded at the Music Hall Loft in Portsmouth, NH, to talk about addiction, mental health, homelessness, and the role healthy food can play for those who are struggling. “When we look at hunger and homelessness, we need to look at the ‘why’ of it and stop judging and calling people names. Can we build on their strengths?,” asks Beauregard. Louis makes it point to use his strengths for good causes. “Always say yes. For whatever reason, the world has made [chefs] more popular then we should be. But it’s a very powerful place to be if you can harness that and use it the right way,” he explains.


Beauregard recounts her own powerful story of perseverance growing up in the foster care system and how it drives her work with Families in Transition-New Horizons. “I can remember what it felt like to be hungry, to be lonely, and it leaves such a hollow feeling inside,” she recalls. Louis applies the same values to his restaurants and the people who work for him. “How can I make their quality of life better while retaining them in what can be a very challenging industry?,” he asks.


Feel the emotion of this personal and heart-felt discussion that illustrates the impact we can have on solving hunger and homelessness.

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