2.5 billion

meals provided to kids since March 2020

$136 million

in grants to communities since March 2020

In Their Words

Representatives from Indigenous groups, the Black community and many more share the stories of resistance and resiliency.

Radical Origins

Since its beginnings with the Black Panthers, the Food Justice Movement and Racial Justice movement have been intertwined. Learn about how it all started and where it’s going.

Food Justice & Radical Justice

You can draw a direct line between slavery, Jim Crow, and the disproportionate rates of hunger among people of color today. Guests talk about transformational change that needs to happen at the government level.

Food Justice & Mental Health

Food insecurity can have devastating effects on the mental health of children. We heard about solutions for reducing the causes of hunger and associated stigma.

The most offensive things someone could do to you is deny you a place at the table.– Dr. Frederick Douglass Opie

Food Justice Series

It Takes More Than Food To End Hunger.

Hunger is a problem we know how to fix. Since our inception we’ve been leaders in reducing the number of kids experiencing hunger.


campaign helps feed hungry kids both in school and out.


to end child hunger creates positive change on the local level.