Featuring guests and speakers including Alexis FĂ©rnandez Garcia (Senior Director, Social Safety Net, Code for America), Nephi Craig (Chef and Founder, Native American Culinary Association), Frederick Douglas Opie (Author), Pakou Hang (Chief Program Officer, Vote Run Lead), Devita Davison (Activist and Executive Director, FoodLabDetroit)

The series from the organization behind the No Kid Hungry campaign examines the roots and evolution of the food movement and the ways it intersects with race and class, as well as with educational, environmental and health inequities.

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  • Urban Planning and Food Apartheid

    It is well known that some communities in the US have more access to healthy food than others, and that the neighborhoods with less are more likely to be areas with larger populations of color. [...]

  • Thank You for a Great Year

    Food is everything. It is how we cultivate connection, build community and express love. It can also be used to exploit, divide and create barriers. The Conversations on Food Justice Series strives to raise the [...]

  • Food as Fuel for the Movement

    Storytelling is natural when people gather. We can often see this when working with food, whether it is in a field or garden producing crops, or gathering around the table to share a meal. These [...]

  • Food Insecurity on College Campuses

    Throughout the pandemic, food insecurity and hunger have been in the minds of people across the country Yet hunger on college campuses, in spite of impacting huge numbers of students nationally, remains a hidden epidemic. [...]

  • Food & The Powerful Impact of Media

    We all consume messages about food every day, and the messages we receive can influence our behavior and have a real impact on our communities: from targeted appeals of low-income consumers and consumers of color [...]