Featuring guests and speakers including Alexis Férnandez Garcia (Senior Director, Social Safety Net, Code for America), Nephi Craig (Chef and Founder, Native American Culinary Association), Frederick Douglas Opie (Author), Pakou Hang (Chief Program Officer, Vote Run Lead), Devita Davison (Activist and Executive Director, FoodLabDetroit)

The series from the organization behind the No Kid Hungry campaign examines the roots and evolution of the food movement and the ways it intersects with race and class, as well as with educational, environmental and health inequities.

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  • Food & The Powerful Impact of Media

    We all consume messages about food every day, and the messages we receive can influence our behavior and have a real impact on our communities: from targeted appeals of low-income consumers and consumers of color [...]

  • Faith & Food Justice

    Faith based organizations fuse a moral framework around some of the most challenging issues facing our world, making them invaluable allies in the movement for food justice. Across faiths, leaders are mobilizing their communities to [...]

  • Food Sovereignty: Food and Justice for Native Peoples

    The fourth installment of the Conversations on Food Justice Series – a collaboration between Share Our Strength and Food & Society at the Aspen Institute- explored the importance of food in the fight for justice [...]

  • Race, Poverty, and the Barriers to Accessing Social Benefit Programs

    In the March 8th, 2022 installment of the Food Justice Series, the panel discussed the history of social welfare programs in the United States and explored how institutionalized racism and stereotyping of marginalized communities have [...]

  • Black History Month Editorial – Fred Opie

    Special thanks to Share Our Strength and Food & Society at the Aspen Institute for the opportunity to participate in their Conversation on Food Justice Series. Their efforts to elevate important conversations, support children and [...]