Bearing Witness

by Billy Shore

Help us scale Chefs Cycle for No Kid Hungry and Feed Thousands More Kids

Saturday, January 02, 2016


            Our campaign to end hunger has always relied on creating opportunities for people to share their strength and finding ways to make those opportunities scalable.  Last year saw the creation of Chefs Cycle and this year we are committed to scaling it. Our goal is for 200 riders to help raise more than $1 million during a June 27-29 300 mile ride along the California coast from Carmel to Santa Barbara.
            If riding 300 miles in just 3 days doesn’t sound possible for you, I can assure you that it didn’t for me either when I rode last year from Santa Barbara to San Diego.  But with just 6-8 weeks training, and the support and camaraderie of the other riders, I found it to be one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had in years. 
By sharing your strength in this way, you will help to feed thousands of kids across the country, end up in great shape, and make many new lifelong friendships. You will have a dedicated team at Share Our Strength helping you with training, fundraising ideas, and logistical support.  Check our website @ and feel free to contact me directly at