Bearing Witness

by Billy Shore

Leadership Lessons on Add Passion and Stir

Friday, March 30, 2018


“We live in a noble profession in the restaurant and food business. Our job is to take care of other people every single day. That starts with taking care of our team first. ” – Randy Garutti, CEO Shake Shack

“If you are lucky enough to love what you do for a living that is the greatest gift you can have”. – Katie Workman, author of Dinner Solved, and The Mom 100 Cookbook

In addition to Shake Shack being a phenomenal partner of ours, their CEO Randy Garutti is insightful on issues of leadership, community building, hospitality, and organizational culture.  As a close colleague of Danny Meyer, it is not surprising that Randy shares so much of Danny’s philosophy, but he is also an innovative and compelling leader is his own right. Along with Katie Workman, author of Dinner Solved and the Mom 100 Cookbook, and a longtime champion for Share Our Strength this is a great conversation right at the sweet spot of what we try to do everyday.

The episode can be found at Add Passion and Stir or on iTunes