When you support Share Our Strength, you’re not just supporting our work, but the work of thousands of community leaders, neighborhood groups and local government officials across the country that are trying to give children better lives and brighter futures.

Our partners understand the magnitude of the problem and the scope of what we’re trying to achieve. That’s why they commit the resources needed to get the job done, whether that’s funding, volunteer time or the power to reach people.

Most of our partners support specific campaigns, like No Kid Hungry or Cooking Matters, but they’re all part of the Share Our Strength team.

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We’d love to start a conversation with you about how you can help end hunger and poverty, and how we can help you share your unique strengths.


We work with companies large and small, including more great restaurant brands than any other nonprofit.

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All across the country, there are effective programs run by community leaders who know local families.

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If you want to make a long-term investment in ending hunger and poverty, we want to talk about your ideas.

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If you’re a chef, celebrity or thought leader, the most valuable strength you have to share may be your network or your audience.

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