About This Episode

Daniel Humm made news with a recent announcement that his award-winning restaurant Eleven Madison Park would be an all vegan restaurant when it reopens in June 2021. Daniel Humm joined Add Passion and Stir in late 2020 to talk about the pandemic has given him new purpose and the opportunity to evaluate his role in the industry. What truly gives you meaning and purpose? Eleven Madison Park (NYC) Chef and Owner Daniel Humm discusses how the pandemic has given him new purpose and his advice to other luxury brands. “If we want to continue the way we’ve done things, I believe 5 years from now, 10 years or maybe already next year, it will be irrelevant and empty,” he says. During COVID, Humm transformed Eleven Madison Park into a food provider of 5,000 meals a day in partnership with Rethink Food NYC. “The recipe I want to really share with the world is the recipe of doing what we’re doing, but also feeding the people in need, under one roof,” he says.