Max Stier on Strengthening Democracy

Interview by Billy Shore

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

From the Webb telescope to the COVID vaccine, every day the nearly 3 million civil servants in our federal government make our democracy work through their extraordinary–often unrecognized–work. Max Stier and the Partnership for Public Service are committed to changing that.

Since 2001, the Partnership has trained leaders, addressed talent gaps, like the fact that only 7% of the federal workforce is under the age of 30, supported presidential transitions, increased federal employee engagement, and promoted innovation and collaboration.

In short, they’re taking on the reality that when many Americans “think about the federal government, they think about bickering.” And they’re doing it by celebrating the people who share their strength to make it all happen.

Resources and Mentions:

Max Stier

Max Stier

Founding president, CEO
At the Partnership for Public Service, Max Stier oversees efforts to provide data, insights and recommendations to the executive and legislative branches, create and deliver programs for federal leaders at all levels, strengthen and support the federal workforce, and build connections among the public, private and charitable sectors.

Partnership for Public Service

Established in 2001, the Partnership for Public Service is committed to building a better government and a stronger democracy through training effective leaders and addressing  critical talent gaps, increasing employee engagement and recognizing excellence in the federal workforce, promoting innovation and collaboration, and strengthening Congress and improving the presidential transition process.  

Service to America Medals

The Service to America Medals recognize exceptional career public servants for their accomplishments to our nation’s democracy.