Seaweed Will Save Us: Briana Warner and Debbie Gagnon

Interview by Billy Shore

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Could kelp be the new corn? In this Add Passion and Stir episode, Briana Warner, CEO of Atlantic Sea Farms, and Debbie Gagnon, President and Co-owner of Red’s Eats (Wiscasett, ME), discuss the importance of seaweed to the future of our food system.

“There are choices that we can be making about our everyday eating habits that can make the planet actually better,” says Warner, who built the biggest kelp company in the US.

Gagnon is excited to be an early adopter of this healthy and sustainable product. “I wanted to try [the kelp burger] because I’ll be honest: I wanted it to be delicious. And oh man, it’s delicious. I’m so proud of it!,” she raves.

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Debbie Gagnon

Debbie Gagnon

GM, President, and Co-owner
Debbie Gagnon is the GM, President, and Co-owner of Red's Eats in Wiscasset, ME and also the co-author of Red’s Eats: World’s Best Lobster Shack. Red's Eats is a family run business featuring locally-sourced food and has been voted #1 in countless best lists for their signature sandwich, Red's Eats Lobster Roll. The restaurant has been profiled on Food Network, Travel Channel, CBS Sunday Morning, Nippon Television in Japan, and in many other publications.
Briana Warner

Briana Warner

Briana Warner is the CEO of Atlantic Sea Farms and passionate about working with Maine fishermen and farmers to help create a more resilient, thriving coast. Previously, she served several tours as a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service, started and sold a wholesale bakery focused on employing newly resettled refugees, and created the first Economic Development programming suite at the Maine-based Island Institute.