About This Episode

In this encore episode that originally aired in July, 2020. Kellogg's Ready To Eat Cereal General Manager, Doug VanDeVelde and Brown Sugar Kitchen Executive Chef Tanya Holland share their insights on food insecurity and the difficult early days of the pandemic. Both Kellogg's and Chef Holland were driven to help feed people in need. VanDeVelde says that Kellogg's felt an obligation to help feed the nation. We are so grateful for our friends at Kellogg's and the unbelievable support they've shown us the past 10 years. From now through May 9th, Kelloggs is donating $5 to our No Kid Hungry Campaign with each Kellogg's breakfast for all promotion receipts uploaded up to a maximum donation of $250,000. Go to breakfast for all.com for more details.   How can big consumer brands help make the world a better place? Brown Sugar Kitchen Executive Chef Tanya Holland and Kellogg Ready to Eat Cereal General Manager Doug VanDeVelde share their insights on food insecurity, giving back to the community and the effects of COVID-19. “When the COVID pandemic first started, there was a certain sense of obligation in our company to help secure the food supply… There was a feeling that we had an obligation to help feed the nation,” recounts VanDeVelde. “I’m making an effort to thank everyone who comes in and supports us because it’s a choice they make and a risk they take. Probably 7 times out of 10, they respond, ‘Thank you for what you do for the community,’” says Holland.   “As I started to go through my career at Kellogg’s, it became more and more clear to me that brands need to have a purpose and need to be able to do good in the world,” says VanDeVelde, who recently helped No Kid Hungry raise $700K. “This country has so much bounty, it’s just shameful if we can’t do the basics of seeing that children are fed,” says Holland about her work as a No Kid Hungry ambassador. “What a difference it makes in the performance and attendance of the kids.”   Listen to these important voices of two people who continue to impact their communities.