Disaster Relief

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The best way to help children is to build sturdy, comprehensive systems they can depend on for food, shelter, education and health care. But we also know that in times of crisis, different strengths are needed.

When disasters strike communities, like the 2017 floods in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico, Share Our Strength mobilizes our network and swiftly provides resources to help. Because we have long-term relationships with effective community groups around the country, we’re able to quickly identify the people on the ground who are in the best position to turn funding into desperately-needed resources, like food and water.

Finally, we make sure that the people and communities hardest hit by disasters are part of our strategic plans, whether that means increased resources to those areas over the long term or additional fundraising and grants specific to their needs.

Restaurants for Relief

One of the ways we help is through Restaurants for Relief, which gives the restaurant industry resources to mobilize when disaster strikes. In the immediate wake of a tragedy, chefs and culinary professionals are among the first responders in a community, launching their own fundraisers to help those in need. Share Our Strength aids and assists culinary professionals with relief and recovery efforts by identifying trusted local organizations in the affected communities to which funds can be directed – all within 72 hours following a disaster. Chefs and restaurants can feel confident their contributions are going to an effective recipient and together, we help communities to recover.

If you’re a chef, restaurant owner, or culinary professional who would like to be a part of Restaurants for Relief, join our list.