International Grants

Learn more about our most recent round of International Grants

Though the bulk of Share Our Strength’s grants go to domestic programs through the No Kid Hungry campaign, the organization was originally founded in response to an international hunger crisis – the 1984 famine in Ethiopia – and we continue to help effective groups around the world that are working to feed those in need.

Our work beyond the borders of the United States stays true to our strategic approach of identifying the most effective programs, and finding ways to strengthen, expand and replicate them.

Specifically, we know that school meals are a reliable, proven way to help children, so much of our work goes to help people who are working on similar programs in their communities.

Some of the organizations and work we’re supporting overseas:

  • Some of the organizations and work we’re supporting overseas:
    • The relief efforts of Save the Children in Ethiopia and Somalia, where famine is a national crisis and more than half the country (6 million people) are at risk of hunger.
    • School meals expansion efforts in India led by national organization Akshaya Patra as well as in Zambia led by Mary’s Meals.
    • The ongoing work of World Central Kitchen in Haiti, which includes school meals and kitchens, food safety and sanitation training, and emergency relief.
    • School meals programs in Syria being developed as part of a partnership between World Food Program and the Syrian Ministry of Education.