Bearing Witness

by Billy Shore

The Story You Won’t Hear at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte

Monday, September 03, 2012


As delegates began to arrive in Charlotte, North Carolina for the Democratic convention, the front page of the Charlotte observer did something that neither the Democrats or Republicans are likely to do in this election campaign: it focused on poverty with a compelling story called “The Nation’s Poor: A Story You Won’t Hear This Week in Charlotte” @

Poverty in North Carolina is at 17.5%, several points higher than the national average. The article laments: “When President Barack Obama is renominated this week, you can expect much to be said about what he will do for the middle class, much more to be said about the obligations of the upper class. You can expect silence about the needs of the underclass. …With the singular exception of the unfortunate former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, it is difficult, if not impossible, to name a politician who has made poverty a cornerstone issue since Lyndon Johnson spoke out for the Americans who “live on the outskirts of hope. But those days are gone. The poor have disappeared from our political consciousness – and conscience.”

This is just one of the reasons we are seeking to give voice to the voiceless by launching a new weekly radio show to about urgent social issues that do not receive meaningful coverage by the mass media. Join us by watching this brief video on our Indiegogo site @