Bearing Witness

by Billy Shore

Voting to End Hunger and Strengthen Democracy

Wednesday, August 08, 2018


Yesterday’s special election for a Congressional seat in Ohio, which included massive investments by both Democrats and Republicans, is still too close to call on this early Wednesday morning, and underscores the degree to which every vote counts.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about an article in the Washington Post last month reporting that “fewer than 8% of registered voters in Ward 8, home to the poorest and most violent sections of the nation’s capital” voted in the June 19 mayoral primary.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock’s words during our recent visit to Missoula also ring in my ears: “If millennials voted in the same proportions as those 55 and older, millennials would decide every election.”  Wow. Talk about power. In your hands

At a time when our democratic institutions seem especially fragile, nothing can revitalize them as powerfully as strong voter turnout.  Donating money, volunteering, speaking out on social media, as important as they are, pale in comparison to the power you have as a voter, not to mention the responsibility you have as a citizen.

The November midterm elections are 90-some days away. I hope you are planning to vote – for the candidate or party of your choice – or planning to register to vote if you have not already.  There’s not a single issue we care about – from hunger and poverty to health care, education, and climate change, that won’t be affected by who gets elected.  Voting matters, this time, every time. Please encourage others to vote too. Look for opportunities to share why it is important. Votes are power. In your hands.